help me with WIN95 value of version16()

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Mon Aug 27 13:33:04 CDT 2001

On Mon, 27 Aug 2001 lawson_whitney at wrote:

> On Sun, 26 Aug 2001, Francois Gouget wrote:
> > On Sun, 26 Aug 2001, Ladislav Sladecek wrote:
> >
> > > The return value of  GetVersion16() for win95 changed recently from 0x5f03 to
> > > 0x304 in misc/version.c (patch 1.43 -> 1.44).  The version of "real" win95 I use
> > > (Czech, win95 2nd ed) gives 0x5f03 while "wine --winver win95"  gives 0x304.
> > > As I do not have the US version of win95 I am not able to determine the right
> > > value.
> >
> >    I would like to help you and I have a Win95 system around. But I
> > don't have a Win16 compiler as these things are getting quite rare.
> >    Would anyone be able to compile this application and make it
> > available to people on the links, either by emailing it if it is really
> > small or via some website (I can provide space if necessary).
> He did attach a binary.  I could uuencode it and mail it to you if your
> mailer don't do mime or something?  That seems improbable though, maybe
> you just didn't notice?

   It's there, I just missed it when I read the email.
   I just jumped right on the source and tried to compile it (which did
not work out of the box since I was using a 32bit compiler).

   Ok, it returns 0x5f03 here.
   In ControlPanel/System Win95 says:

   Microsoft Windows 95

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