Codeweavers announces CrossOver plugin

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue Aug 28 09:49:57 CDT 2001

Thanks, Marcus.

Yes, we've formally shipped the end user version of CrossOver.
Man, it proved to be much more work than I ever expected.

Before I say anything further, I wanted to thank any
and all Wine authors (that I haven't thanked already;
I refuse to do it twice <g>) for all of the great
work on Wine.

Second, I believe that what we are doing is a Good Thing (TM)
for both Wine and (hopefully) CodeWeavers.

If anyone wanted to review what we're trying to do and kibitz
on it (privately to me is fine), I'd appreciate the input.

I talk about our business model here:

I plead my case to the Linux users here:



I would

Marcus Meissner wrote:

> Hi,
> Codeweavers has announced the CrossOver plugin, allowing Shockwave, 
> Quicktime etc. to run in your favorite browser :)
> Ciao, Marcus

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