Call for Volunteers (Re: Newbie work?)

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Wed Aug 29 02:15:25 CDT 2001

> Also I'm thinking about starting an additional section for
> 'hard(er)' projects that would significantly improve Wine. 

> Maybe it
> could also list projects that are already underway and for which help
> would be appreciated (DCOM?, STRICT handles?).
I think that when folks start working on a rather large chunk they should talk about it a bit more (that they started, post some ideas on how it should be done, call for contributions...). All developpers are rather terse on this matter.

> Easy:
> Medium (I expect these would take longer or be a bit harder)
>  * Provide a pedump utility
>    #91:
>    I know there's sample code that does that already floating around so
>    it should be relatively simple.
>    Eric Pouech seems to be working on this. I did not check if his
>    pedump dump the imports/exports but it probably does.
yes, but it's missing delayed imports and resource. disass could be provided to.

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