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Andreas Mohr a.mohr at mailto.de
Wed Aug 29 17:03:39 CDT 2001

On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 02:47:48PM +0200, Gioele Barabucci wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> why is there a ./configure file in your cvs?
> configure was meant to be created for endusers, not for developers. Many 
> projects based on auto* tools create a ./autogen.sh or ./bootstrap script.
> The fact is that the configure supplied (and all the auto* files) creates 
> lot of confusion and some errors sometime.

I'd say this is because the Wine CVS is a hybrid of developer and end user
code base.
"Normal" projects are so mature that you can easily split them into an
"end user" and a "developer" section, i.e.: deb/rpm and CVS.
Not so with Wine.

Due to the rapid development nature of the project, it's beneficial
even for end users to get latest CVS sometimes.
And end users normally don't have auto* installed, that's for sure.
(they're even struggling way too much with missing devel headers already !!)

And besides, it's mentioned in the README file like that (./configure),
so there shouldn't be *any* confusion ;-)

(yeah, RTFM still does apply, and it probably always will)

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