Comment from IBM developer re FS register corruption

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Aug 29 22:01:50 CDT 2001

At LinuxWorld today, a couple of developers from IBM stopped by
and mentioned a patch that they recently sent to Linus
(which he accepted with dismay at such a long standing bug,
and apparently committed to the 2.4.8 tree).

Sadly, I have forgotten the woman's name, but she indicated
that there was a race condition that could sometimes cause
the fs register to become corrupt, and that this problem
had existing in all versions of Linux, as far as they could tell.

She indicated that the patch had a fairly innocuous description,
but it might be worth understanding this problem better
(although from her description, it didn't sound like a good
workaround was available).



p.s.  Wine was a finalist for best open source project, but lost out to
Next time, the crystal plaque is ours.  I can feel it.

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