wine-devel digest, Vol 1 #445 - 9 msgs

Robert Lunnon bob at
Thu Aug 30 08:58:01 CDT 2001

Attempt 2 :-)

I am trying to get winsock to work under Solaris and need a little help.

When connecting, the call to connect doesn't generate a syn packet as expected, The problem
appears to be WSOCK32_socket, where the type of socket is passed as type 1 for a tcp service,
as it turns out the Solaris header file defines SOCK_STREAM as 2 and SOCK_DGRAM as 1 which
makes the subsequent call to connect succeed without establishing a connection because a UDP
endpoint was created instead of a tcp one.

Now to find out where SOCK_STREAM is getting defined as 1 :-/

I probably need to check the standard function calls between a solaris binary and a windows
one so does someone have a simple test program and a unix source (IE windows binary with unix
compatible source code) that I can use to compare behaviours between the two environments ?



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