UNC patch

lawson_whitney at juno.com lawson_whitney at juno.com
Fri Dec 7 17:56:13 CST 2001

On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, Dan Kegel wrote:

> Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> > and then \\foo\x would mean the same thing as f:\x.  This way you can
> > also fake network mounts using the local filesystem.
> I agree that faking network mounts is a good thing, but
> parsing mtab makes for much easier configuration.  Instead of
> forcing the user to add a server field, wine can figure it out
> itself.  Isn't that a good thing?  Why force the user to enter
> in duplicate info?
> Dan
Why force the users to use samba to simulate UNC?  Has Wine really any
business to go crawling through mtab looking for resources it can make
available to windows programs?  Wineinstall can do this if it likes, and
generate [Drive X] with "Server" =, and the Wine Administrator can
change them if _it_ likes.
I am more comfortable to believe Wine will only mess where I tell it it
can mess.

What IS UNC, anyway?  :-/


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