Microsoft Antitrust Remedy proposal, take 3

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Dec 17 01:50:30 CST 2001

I've learned a fair bit since putting together my
essay on the States' proposed remedies.  In particular,
Microsoft's response to the States was enlightening;
it pointed out the parts of the Court of Appeals ruling
that need to be heeded when fashioning a remedy.
I now feel that the States' proposal has little chance of
being accepted by the judge.  The Proposed Final Judgment
negotiated by Microsoft and the DOJ is probably the right
starting point for any new proposals.

Accordingly, I've started over, and this time I'm sticking
very close to the negotiated settlement, and paying close
attention to the law.

As before, you can read my proposals at

I'm looking forward to your feedback.  I've set up a mailing
list at
(aka ms-remedy-subscribe at ) for those who
want to discuss this further.  Together we can find a way
to make the settlement more just and fair, or I'll eat my hat.

Dan Kegel

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