Installshield 6 (inter-proc) patches

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Mon Dec 17 12:35:57 CST 2001

Roger Fujii <rmf at> writes:

> What are you talking about?  What do you think is sitting on

It's free today. It wasn't free back when X11R6.4 was released. The
Open Group backed down on their attempt to make it non-free, mostly
IMO because of the community pressure and the existence of XFree86.

> > and if it does happen, will we find enough people to do what
> > XFree86 has been doing for X11?  Maybe, and maybe not. When I hear
> > people like Patrik saying that it's OK for parts of Wine to become
> > proprietary because we can't do everything anyway, I'm worried.
> If wine was even CLOSE to being complete, I would agree with you.  

But you cannot change the license once it is mostly complete; by then
it will be too late.

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