Big Bummer for running Shrinkered files!

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Tue Dec 18 05:43:29 CST 2001

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Baruch <autophile at> writes:

    Robert> Oops, I misunderstood the purpose of the new frame.  Here's a
    Robert> piece of an article,
    Robert> figure 14 (KiUserExceptionDispatcher Pseudocode):

showsehframes.exe from the examples there foinds an endless loop even with
native msvcrt:
> wine showsehframes.exe --dll msvcrt=n
Could not stat /dosa (Not a directory), ignoring drive A:
_except_handler3 is at address: 004012A8

Frame: 40616E1C  Handler: 004012A8  Prev: 40616E4C  Scopetable: 00404000
    scopetable[0] PrevTryLevel: FFFFFFFF  filter: 00401180  __except: 00401188
    scopetable[1] PrevTryLevel: 00000000  filter: 00401162  __except: 0040116A
    scopetable[2] PrevTryLevel: 00000001  filter: 00401144  __except: 0040114C

Frame: 40616E4C  Handler: 004012A8  Prev: 40616E8C  Scopetable: 00404028
    scopetable[0] PrevTryLevel: FFFFFFFF  filter: 004011E8  __except: 004011F0
    scopetable[1] PrevTryLevel: FFFFFFFF  filter: 00401219  __except: 00401224

Frame: 40616E8C  Handler: 004012A8  Prev: 40616F40  Scopetable: 00404040
    scopetable[0] PrevTryLevel: FFFFFFFF  filter: 0040153F  __except: 0040155A

Frame: 40616F40  Handler: 4006A480  Prev: FFFFFFFF  Scopetable: 400DD0E0
>>> scopetable[0] PrevTryLevel: 57E58955  filter: 00E85356  __except: 5B000000
    scopetable[1] PrevTryLevel: 6339C381  filter: 758B0002  __except: 8BFF3108

Mat Pietreks example shows an PrevTryLevel of FFFFFFFF in the line marked
with >>> and end the loop there.

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