fixme:dialog:MSGBOX_OnInit task modal msgbox ! Not modal yet.

Laurent Pinchart laurent.pinchart at
Mon Dec 24 12:16:35 CST 2001

> I'd like to implement the modal message boxes to fix my problem, but I
> don't know where to start. Could someone give me a few indication about
> what would be required to achieve a proper behaviour or modal message boxes
> ?

After some investigation, I've come up with 2 methods to achieve the desired 
result. The first one would be to disable all the task top-level windows 
(like simple modal dialog boxes disable their owner window). The second one 
would be to modify the focus policy to ensure that a modal dialog box will 
never beocme hidden by a non-modal window.

I suppose that the first method is the best one. Could anyone help me to get 
a list of all the top-level windows of a task ? I also would like to know 
where I should store all the handles to those windows in order to re-enable 
them when the dialog box gets destroyed.


Laurent Pinchart

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