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Thu Feb 1 05:36:20 CST 2001


>    Actually I suspect there's another problem with your patch. since you
> cast the return values to void*, WINE_UNICODE_TEXT("abc")+1 will very
> likely be wrong. Also I believe void* arithmetic is a gcc extension.

I haven't checked, but youre probably right. However Ive never come across 
that usage of  a literal in unicode or ascii (why increment a string lteral 
at declaration time?). But doing it to chars is quite common e.g. converting 
to a number string ('a' + n etc).

>    Do you have a lot of places where your application uses
> WINE_UNICODE_TEXT with a character? I just know of a <10 places in the
> MFC. 

Only about 5 cases in VWCL itself.

>Alexandre suggests we just handle the string case and let it fail
> at compile time if it is used with a char. It may be better than
> compiling fine but doing incorrect things.

Either works for me. All I really want is -Wall clean ;-)


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