psdrv: map Courier New to Courier

Huw D M Davies h.davies1 at
Fri Feb 2 10:55:47 CST 2001

On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 11:19:31PM +0600, Ian Pilcher wrote:
> I think I can probably handle reading the registry.  (Although from
> what little I've seen of the Win32 API, even that could be a night-
> mare.)

OK, I've just submitted G|SetPrinterData implementations to
wine-patches - please use these instead of direct Reg apis. (it should
make life easier anyway.

You basically want

HANDLE hprn;
OpenPrinterA("Wine PostScript Driver", &hprn, NULL);
SetPrinterDataA(hprn, "FontSubTable" /*or whatever*/, REG_MULTI_SZ, pData, size);

where pData is a list of \0 terminated strings that make up the table,
finally terminated by a double \0.

Reading the data back is almost the same using GetPrinterDataA

> I think we should also allow the Wine config file to override what's
> in the registry.

Not really convinced about this. I'd like to move all of the psdrv
stuff out of the config file (which afterall is just a bit of the
registry) into its correct place under
The configuration should all be done via a GUI control.

> Which leads me to another, more dangerous, thought.  It seems to me that
> life would be simpler for everyone if we could bring some consistency to
> the way that Wine's display and print subsystems work with fonts.  What
> about a section in the configuration file that related Windows, X, and
> PostScript font names?
> In the old style, I would have suggested something of the form:
>     Windows Font = X LFD, PostScript font name
> This would seem to be relatively straightforward to implement, and it
> would bring a small measure of sanity to the area.  (I currently have
> both 'MS Sans Serif' and 'Ms Sans Serif' fonts, because the X server and
> the PostScript driver don't agree on what the font should be called!)

This should all be a lot easier when I get a FreeType engine bolted on
to gdi.  Then psdrv,x11drv,ttydrv(?) will all have access to the same
data and thus consistancy should not be a problem.


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