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Eric Pouech Eric.Pouech at
Sat Feb 3 12:24:58 CST 2001

Ulrich Weigand wrote:
> Eric Pouech wrote:
> > thanks for taking a look at it. unfortunately, I couldn't really test
> > your patches. when run, roughly 4/5 of the .so files did would generate
> > this type of error
> > ../../tools/strip_imports
> > objcopy: styEor1D: File truncated
> Strange.  Could you try using 'strip' instead of 'objcopy' in
> strip_imports?  (Only there, in localize_imports it must be objcopy.)
tested with binutils 2.9.1 and 2.10.1 and I get the same error... 
even when changing objcopy by strip
did some strace on the operation, and it seems that there's some mixup in
the section reading / writing

> > From a pure conceptual point of view, the build process definitively
> > grows more and more complex (I'm not sure Alexandre would accept another
> > tool or an extension to winebuild for it). However, if I got what you intend
> > correctly, it means that an import symbol would be defined as:
> > - no trace in stabs
> > - listed in .dynamic section, as a local symbol.
> No, I mean no trace in stabs *and* no dynamic symbol either.
[long explanation deleted]
thanks, that what I thought at first, but got abused by the first outputs made out 
of the patch...

> However, my method has admittedly also a serious disadvantage:
> it makes heavy use of GNU-specifc tools (and apparently even
> there are version problems ...).  :-(
I'm not sure it's a version issue. looks more I have something broken 
somewhere... still have to figure out where :-(
however, it would be great if someone else could try Ulrich's patch to see
if I'm the only one with BAAAAAAAAD results...

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