ReadFile() and WriteFile() choke on non-zero lpOverlapped.

Eric Kohl ekohl at
Sat Feb 3 11:06:59 CST 2001


I'm currently debugging a database-application that uses the M$ Jet Engine
3.5. This db-engine does not behave very well. It opens an exisisting
database-file (FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED is *not* set) and reads or writes using
calls to ReadFile() and WriteFile() with non-zero lpOverlapped pointers. In
this case calls to ReadFile() or WriteFile() return FALSE.

IMO ReadFile() and WriteFile() should check whether FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED is
set. Unfortunately there is no method to retrieve the full file attributes
from wineserver. Is a new server call required?

Best regards,

Eric Kohl

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