debugger fix

Eric Pouech Eric.Pouech at
Mon Feb 5 16:14:59 CST 2001

> I still don't understand why your toolchain creates a
> .rel.stabs section in the first place.  Could you check
> at which point this is created first (as, ld, ld -shared)?

it's done in latest ld -shared step. even a simple test example
generates a .rel.stab section... (simple function compiled and
linked to generate a .so file)

I got a quick look at its content... it's always a relative 
relocation (like for a symbol global address), which in most
examples I've seen is set to 0...

another nice "feature" is that lots of libraries also have
the .rel.stab, so it seems to come also from the distro itself 
(even if I goofed somehow with my setup)

I'll dig further

anyway, I don't think removing the .rel.stab is a big deal. the 
current debugger code doesn't use the address of a global symbol
in .stab section, but rather rely on the ELF information...
(but if we also start by removing the .rel.stab section, the 
compilation scheme becomes more and more ugly)

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