Strange window message / queue behaviour

Ulrich Weigand weigand at
Mon Feb 5 18:27:01 CST 2001

Ove Kaaven wrote:

> From something (admittedly tangential/irrelevant to this problem) I
> remember Ulrich have been talking about (,
> last paragraph), there's also the possibility that Windows recognizes that
> it's a message known to contain pointers, and so just drops the message,
> so that EM_GETSEL is simply never dispatched?

Yes.  EM_GETSEL is classified as 'pointer message', and the
32-bit PostMessage in Win9x simply drops it.   (The 16-bit
PostMessage doesn't appear to care, but if a 16-bit message
with pointers is about to be *received* by a 32-bit app,
the Get/PeekMessage call drops the message ...)

You get DebugOutput messages like
"PostMessage: ignoring posted message with pointer"
"GetMessage: ignoring retrieved message with pointer"
when this happens.


  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  weigand at

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