recording sound ?

Thomas Flynn flynnt at
Mon Feb 5 22:40:42 CST 2001

On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Eric Pouech wrote:

> >winmm wave recording is supposed to be supported, at least at the
> >low-level wave API level. Maybe less so at the MCI level, though,
> support at the MCI level should be more or less ok... (at least the
> Macadamiam folks did a great effort there)
> >and not
> >supported at all yet in the DirectSound layer. What kind of API does it
> >use to record these sounds? You don't say what kind of app it is...

Yeah, I know I didn't say what kind of app it was...I was really just
looking for the status of sound recording support.  

The app is the "COMM1 Radio Simulator" for VFR flight.  It's a tool that
allows pilots (like myself) to practice their radio communication skills.
It's target audience is either newbie pilots or rusty pilots (like myself)
who haven't flown in a few years.  Essentially, the program presents the
pilot with some ATC scenerios and it records the pilot's responses.
Afterwards, the pilot can compare his responses to an "expoert" (a
proficient pilot).  I would figure that it's not a terribly difficult
program to write.  In addition, it works on both Mac and Windows (two
separate binaries, same data files), so I figured it requires pretty
generic functionality and is not tightly bound to MS.  Sounded like a good
candidate to try out on wine :)

Recording is the only thing that doesn't work (unfortunately, it's a
pretty necessary port in order for the program to be useful).  The rest of
the program seems to work flawlessly!  Great job!

Unfortunately, I've reached a point where I need to go through the entire
ATC sequences in order for it to be of any benefit.  And that means I need
to be able to record sound.

After using `strings` on a couple of the data files, it appears as though
they are data files for Macromedia's Director 6.0.  Looking at 
Macromedia's website (the faq for Director 8...i guess Director 6 is
too old), it appears as though one can create executable binaries for both
Windows and Mac that show your presentation.  Which is what the Comm1
Radio Simulator appears to be a product of.

Unfortunately, that's the limit of my knowledge about the app at this
point.  I'm not a Windows guy.  I'm definately a Unix/Linux person.  This
is the first Windows app I've ever bought.  (I really don't want to have
to go out and buy a copy of Windows and mess with installing it, just to
run this one app).  So I downloaded "Preview 1 of CodeWeavers Wine".

> post the output of runnnig with the -debugmsg +wave,+mciwave,+dsound
> would help us pinpointing the issue

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be outputting anything to the console
for me :(.  Perhaps, I'm doing something wrong...I dunno at this point.
I suspect it might be easier for me to download the source and compile a
debug version of wine myself and see what info I can get out of the app
and what it is it might be doing.

I'll play with it a bit more and let you guys know what I find out.

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