debugger fix

Eric Pouech Eric.Pouech at
Tue Feb 6 00:18:43 CST 2001

Ulrich Weigand wrote:
> Eric Pouech wrote:
> > anyway, I don't think removing the .rel.stab is a big deal. the
> > current debugger code doesn't use the address of a global symbol
> > in .stab section, but rather rely on the ELF information...
> > (but if we also start by removing the .rel.stab section, the
> > compilation scheme becomes more and more ugly)
> So, if you use this version of strip_imports, does the Wine build
> run through then?

well, except from the fact that C comments are not welcomed in SHELL
scripts :-O , the rest went fine (at least from the compilation point of view)
debugger seemed to run fine... I could set the bp were I wanted
there's still a few points I need to look at (especially if ELF addresses
are right, and source file location for <x>.spec.c file)

I also asked a few .rel.stab questions to the binutils mailing list...

last point, couldn't we use a -s option to xargs ? (but I don't know
if it's a nice feature of GNU gcc and if it's portable)

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