recording sound?

Thomas Flynn flynnt at
Wed Feb 7 06:20:38 CST 2001

On Tue, 6 Feb 2001, Eric Pouech wrote:

> this debug facility shall be turned on for every distribution
> you can try to tun it with
> -debugmsg +wave,+mciwave,+dsound,+msacm,+mmsys to see what gives

Well, I don't know what the difference between last night and tonight is,
but tonight, I'm getting all kinds of debug spew (even with the arguments 
that didn't do anything for me last night).  I ran the program with:
-debugmsg +wave,+mciwave,+dsound,+msacm,+mmsys
as you mentioned above and now have a nice long log file.  I put the log
file here:

The most interesting piece for me seems to be where it says:

  fixme:mci:MCI_LoadMciDriver Couldn't load driver for type WAVEAUDIO.
  If you don't have a windows installation accessible from Wine,
  you perhaps forgot to create a [mci] section in system.ini

Then again, the reason I could find that interesting is that I have no
idea what it means :-).  It seems to be pointing out that I'm missing
something, but I don't know if that peticular message is relevent.

The debug spew seems to end at the point in the program where I get to 
click on a phrase and record my voice.  Then I go and click on the phrase,
and I get that stupid dialog that says it can't record.  I would have 
expected to see some debug messages at that point, but nothing came out.  
I quit the app just fine with no further debug messages.

does this help narrow things down any?

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