Current Directory Strangely Affects Behaviour of Applications

Alan Chandler alan at
Sun Feb 11 04:11:47 CST 2001

On Sat, 10 Feb 2001 20:26:17 -0500, you wrote:

>As far as the managed issue goes, when DirectDraw creates the full-screen 
>window, it doesn't use tha managed flag, since there are some DirectInput
>related issues that cause problems unless the visible top-left of the 
>full-screen window is at the top-left of the real screen.  When you've
>got support for XVidMode, it shouldn't matter, since it should you into
>the appropriate mode automatically. 

OK - understand, I only allow my screen to remain at full resolution
at the moment, and not change mode.  Fundementally I am wanting to get
the server mode of the game operational first so I am not too
concerned about the lack of proper graphics support.  In fact, the
fact that I don't loose the whole screen to the game is of benefit in
trying to debug.

>You can try turning off the OWN_WINDOW #define in dlls/ddraw/dsurface/user.c  
>- doing that will cause the DDraw cooperative window to be used directly
>for full-screen access, as opposed to the window DDraw creates itself.

I am learning about DDraw as I go along with this project and I've
barely started, so I don't immediatley understand what you mean here -
but I am sure a bit of poking around will get me there soon :-)

>As for the keyboard
>input, there are some subtle issues with the OWN_WINDOW stuff now that
>may be causing you problems.  Again, try turning it off in the 
>dsurface/user.c code.

Again I don't quite understand - but I'll splurge through the code and
see what I can pickup.  At the moment, the big problem is as the game
exits.  Its got this rolling credits screen which in the normal game
under windows lasts about 10minutes - running with debugmsg statements
with wine a LOT longer.  The only way to kill it in the real game is
to hit return, and at the moment that doesn't work, and trying to kill
things behind the scenes seems to get lots of knickers in twists.

>> Lastly, is the transgaming patch likely to be folded into the up to
>> date CVS versions of wine anytime soon.
>The D3D code won't be submitted until we have the subscriber levels we
>need to keep the project viable - but we're not comfortable enough with
>the current code to start taking anyone's money yet.  Most of the rest 
>of our work is already in WineHQ CVS.  

Firstly thanks for your advice and the patch.  

Secondly, something I didn't quite appreciate is it only being the D3D
code that is outside of current wine.

GPL has non D3D modes that I could try and use (it has its own
software renderer - fine when its a server, and an OpenGL renderer,
when I ultimately try and get the client side working - although I
haven't got my Linux box stable with openGL yet! :-)  )


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