No implementation for shlwapi.dll.0(StrRetToBufA)

Jon Griffiths tntjpgriff at
Sun Feb 11 04:35:05 CST 2001

>    Why is wine-dev so quiet lately? This sad thread is almost the only
> one today. would it be that everyone is waiting for the return of
> Alexandre?

I sure am!

I've been working on shlwapi & specmaker instead of msvcrt because I don't 
want to get tied up resubmitting patches, I need the ones I've sent already 
and Patriks winapi_check updates (which naturally touch a lot of stuff) to be 
committed first. My local tree is quite divergent from CVS at this point...

Its nice to have a change of tack. But since shlwapi is so trivial 
there are no issues to discuss so far ;-)

I quite often get in the mood where I just want to implement something random 
(todays choice is LHashValOfNameSysA from oleaut32.dll). What I'd really like 
to see is a 'hot' list of API calls that need to be implemented. Trudging 
through one DLL at a time gets boring, if I'm going to implement something 
else for a break it'd be good to know it helps something specific work...


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