No implementation for shlwapi.dll.0(StrRetToBufA)

Ryan Cumming bodnar42 at
Sun Feb 11 04:45:48 CST 2001

On Sun, 11 Feb 2001, Jon Griffiths wrote:

> (todays choice is LHashValOfNameSysA from oleaut32.dll). What I'd
> really like to see is a 'hot' list of API calls that need to be
> implemented. Trudging through one DLL at a time gets boring, if I'm
> going to implement something else for a break it'd be good to know it
> helps something specific work...
Well, I've been trying to get alot of old Direct3D games to work (with
little luck, unfortunately), and have been using Regedit a fair bit to
tweak the registry entries for these games and what they depend
on. Regedit has an annoying refresh problem due to a lack of a
DrawAnimatedRects implementation... so, the next time you need a break and
have nothing better to do... ;)


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