No implementation for shlwapi.dll.0(StrRetToBufA)

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Sun Feb 11 14:11:02 CST 2001

On Sun, 11 Feb 2001, Andreas Mohr wrote:
> > IMHO the main problem is that this kind of mail server is almost
> > anonymous. Not as much as with relay mail, but my ISP takes care 
> > of that. If there was a regular Internet domain for the mail server, 
> > there would be *some* serious business information and as such some 
> > responsability.
> Yep.
> Same SPAM mail, same reasoning (tried traceroute, which ended in the rain
> forest). abuse at is probably the best bet, but still...
> This is one of the nastiest forms of SPAM. No real usable info at all.

   Why is it more anonymous than spam that is being relayed? The From
address of relayed spam is forged anyway. At least here you get the IP
address of the spammer (if he did not forge it). From this 'whois' gives you who's behind that IP address, the  name of the
contact, ...

   It seems to come from a University, btw. If it were to come from an
ISP then an email to that ISP would work just fine. They know exactly
who uses what IP address at any time for obvious accounting (some still
charge per hour) and accountability reasons. So it should be just as
easy for them to terminate that account.

> BTW, I got two or three open relays closed last week.
> (not that this helps too much, though...)


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