Novell filesystem support

Simeon Pilgrim simeon.pilgrim at
Sun Feb 11 19:44:16 CST 2001

> Ah, finally somebody is implementing Novell support.
> Many people have been asking this, and I have told them a bit where to find
> information about that, but nobody cared to actually implement stuff,
> they just went away silently.

At this point its a hack to get bindery support via ipx. 

> Can you tell us what exactly the problem is that you're experiencing ?
> I don't know that much about what the problem might be, so you'd
> have to explain it...

Well I have built a dll that Pegasus uses call callwin32.dll, all the 
bindery querys work fine. It's the file create/read/write thats not 
working. I put a bit of code into file.c:CreateFileA so the unc files 
that are on our server get remaped to w:/ files ( where w:/ is a 
ncpmounted novell directory on my linux box ) so that the normal 
dos functions should work. Most things work, ie I can see my mail 
folders but not new mail, ( pegasus email uses single files per new 
mail, and a index/data pair of files for mail folders ). Also when I try 
send email to locate users the mail does not get sent for read/write 
errors. This is because local mail delivery is done by the client 
program, by writting into the users maildir. How this is done is 
under novel you can Create files in directorys that you cannot see(if 
that permisson is greated to you). But you can't do this under unix. 
So the need to implement file i/o for novell files arises.

> That'd be possible via DOS device drivers.
> I don't exactly know where you added support for anything,
> but there's a certain Novell VxD that many programs complained about.

When I first looked I thought that would be the best ( but most 
work) place to add support, but there is little/no documentation 
from novell. So I'm implemented support at the top of the Novell Dll 
hierarchy, because there is lots of novell documentation of how to 
use these functions, and how they work. Which for general use is 
not the best place, but it makes my job easier.
I'll let you understand my problem before trying to answer the rest 
of the questions.

Regards Simeon.
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