AFM-Handling problem

Joerg Mayer jmayer at
Mon Feb 12 06:56:09 CST 2001


Marcus last patch to add default paths for afm files triggered a bug:
Inside my font dirs, there is a directory that contains gzipped afm
files. After I unzipped these files, wine started up again. Not nice.


PS: This is the directory *after* decompression of the .afm.gz files:

jmayer at alice:/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1 > ls
UTBI____.afm  c0419bt_.afm  c0632bt_.afm  cour.afm    cursor.pfa     lcdxro.afm
UTBI____.pfa  c0419bt_.pfb  c0632bt_.pfb  cour.pfa    encodings.dir  lcdxro.pfa
UTB_____.afm  c0582bt_.afm  c0633bt_.afm  courb.afm   fonts.dir      lcdxrr.afm
UTB_____.pfa  c0582bt_.pfb  c0633bt_.pfb  courb.pfa   fonts.scale    lcdxrr.pfa
UTI_____.afm  c0583bt_.afm  c0648bt_.afm  courbi.afm  lcdxmo.afm     lcdxso.afm
UTI_____.pfa  c0583bt_.pfb  c0648bt_.pfb  courbi.pfa  lcdxmo.pfa     lcdxso.pfa
UTRG____.afm  c0611bt_.afm  c0649bt_.afm  couri.afm   lcdxmr.afm     lcdxsr.afm
UTRG____.pfa  c0611bt_.pfb  c0649bt_.pfb  couri.pfa   lcdxmr.pfa     lcdxsr.pfa
jmayer at alice:/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1 >    

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