No implementation for shlwapi.dll.0(StrRetToBufA)

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Feb 12 13:30:40 CST 2001

Francois Gouget wrote:
>    But I'm not behind a modem. I'm behind a DSL so the above really
> doesn't matter much.

Ah, but you don't have a static IP address, I bet.
It's much easier to track back spam to a static IP address,
so those addresses are much safer from being spam sources.
It's those dynamic IP addresses that let spammers hide.

>    It also seems to me that this leads to a system where dialup users
> are second rate internet citizens and have fewer rights than first rate
> citizens. So in this future if you're not an accredited corporation you
> would not have the right to connect to any computer but your ISP's
> servers which will then relay your traffic... for a fee, if they see
> fit...

Well, sorry, but if you want to get rid of spam, we need to add some
primitive tracability features to the email system, and requiring a
static IP is part of that.

>    ISPs have a lot of more important things to educate their users
> about. They could start with how to secure one's computer (or how to do
> masquerading ;-).

That's for darn sure.  

- Dan

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