ms apps with muncher

Paolo Carballo jplcarballo at
Tue Feb 13 07:36:49 CST 2001

On 2001.02.12 20:34:35 +0800 Josh Walker wrote:
> No MS apps will make it into muncher. Mucher will have three main
> compents, they are called the the Macrokernel, do-hickies, and
> thingamabobs.
> The Macrokernel is the core system, hangs out in the linux partition.
> consists of Xfree86, wine, DosEMU, gnome, FVWM95, and supporting libs.
Has anyone suggested that we include reiser or ext3? 
This will allow the user to reboot without worrying about a sc*ndisk clone
wasting valuable time booting up. Not that we expect Muncher to crash, but
hey, that will be designed into the system right? ;)
On second thought, we could include a faux scandisk based on ncurses to put
all fears to rest.

Paolo Carballo

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