James Hatheway james at
Thu Feb 15 09:43:35 CST 2001

> > To convert an ASCII string to Unicode, you can use the
> > function HEAP_strdupAtoW, as in:
> Wrong ;-)

Yeah, I know, Huw already set me straight on that. ^_^

> HEAP_str* is deprecated (the header file says so).
> Use MultiByteToWideChar() or WideCharToMultiByte() instead.

I'll admit I wrote the email when my brain wasn't quite
working (by def'n anytime after 1am), thought to
myself "what is that API again?", did a quick search in
WINE, said to myself "oh HEAP_strdupAtoW"
sent a quick email and went to bed. :)  That teaches me to
send email without thinking.

But that gets me to my point.  HEAP_strdupAtoW is used in
this capacity 78 times in the WINE source tree (WtoA another
182 times).  We should probably change it sometime, since a
lot of people who are writing new code are sure to use
the current code base as an example of "how to do things".

Out of curiosity, why are we killing these macros?  They
seem quite convenient.  If it is because they aren't in
standard windows headers, can't we put them somewhere
in include/wine?


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