various config files for various applications

Martin Pilka mpilka at
Sun Feb 18 13:18:30 CST 2001

hello again!

after discussion we discovered quite big lack of this model:
maintenance. the config file could easily exceed any reasonable size,
and that is something we probably don't want (wine-users: send your
config file...).

so here is the revision:
application specific config information could be stored in separate
directory (let's say ~/.wine/app-config), one configuration per file.
each file will contain an entry which determines its validity, e.g.
"Filename" = "homesite*.exe". then there will be the [DllOverrides]
section and maybe some others.

this breaks wine configuration into two pieces: application independent
part (stored in ~/.wine/config, contains drives, paths and all other
independent stuff) and application dependent part (stored in
~/.wine/app-config, contains things like [DllOverrides]).

on startup wine will load ~/.wine/config and pass through files stored
in ~/.wine/app-config directory. the first match against regular
expression defined in these files (Filename=...) causes to overwrite
some sections from ~/.wine/config.

the advantage is much easier maintenance. the disadvantage could be that
you can't see the whole configuration in ~/.wine/config file anymore -
some settings could be overwritten by optional file in

what do you think?

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