winehq mailserver troubles

Ove Kaaven ovehk at
Sun Feb 18 13:34:00 CST 2001

Looks like mail to winehq was refused since yesterday because 30 sendmail
processes was hung trying to deliver mail to some guy at
(timed out connections etc), and since this was a limit in sendmail, it
refused further incoming connections, and the secondary mailserver at
corel didn't want winehq mails, so all incoming mails have been bounced by
it... you'll probably all need to resend any bounced mails, I think.

But it seems the hanging sendmail processes are already building up again.
Let's see... should I disable the culprit's subscription, or try to
compile a newer sendmail (if available), or maybe install some other MTA
software, like exim? Hmm...

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