Wine & Wrapster/UnWrapper/etc

David Luyer david_luyer at
Mon Feb 19 08:34:16 CST 2001

Just a potentially useful data point, since the Wrapster source is freely
available on their website (it's written in PASCAL).  Wrapster and
UnWrapper won't work under WINE 20010112.  Wrapster appears to sit in an
infinite loop when asked to unwrap a file (although it's a 180Mb+ file so
it may be doing something, but strace implies it's sitting there being
confused, since it continually lstat()'s the destination directory and then
does some miscellaneous memory mapping and unmapping).

UnWrapper (2.x and 3.x) simply die on startup.

(And yes, I know there's a Linux version - but it doesn't do a fraction
of what the Windows version does, eg, CRC checks and new file formats.  So
I was hoping to check if the archive I have was corrupt without having to
do development on grapster first... other than the fixes I already had to
do to get dewrapster to handle large files :-).)

I am no longer on this list, so please CC any response to me (especially
of the form "it actually works with the latest CVS and some custom patch"
:-)), thanks in advance.


(I wonder how PC-PINE is working these days, it's C source was available
and it used to not work so well under WINE either...)
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