ms apps with muncher

FT Rathore mawali at
Tue Feb 20 11:57:02 CST 2001

Is it just me or is it that you are trying hard to copy look of a badly
written desktop. This way you are limiting yourself, think beyond POS
windows desktop. Free your mind, come up with something better.

On Mon, 12 Feb 2001, Josh Walker wrote:

> No MS apps will make it into muncher. Mucher will have three main
> compents, they are called the the Macrokernel, do-hickies, and
> thingamabobs.
> The Macrokernel is the core system, hangs out in the linux partition.
> consists of Xfree86, wine, DosEMU, gnome, FVWM95, and supporting libs.
> Do-hickies are the things that hang out on the desktop they are really
> linux apps hanging out in the Macrokernel. They look like windows
> explorer  ActiveX compnents such as My computer and the Control panel.
> Thingamabobs are larger do-hickies. They are full apps that are also on
> the macrokernel. This includes apps like Mozillia, a gtk text editor, a
> linux gtk verson of winipcfg that just snags output from ifconfig and
> makes it look pretty. I will not use any MS thingamabobs. I'll have to see
> if I can try and find system TTFs that don't belong to MS though.
> -halkun

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