various config files for various applications

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Tue Feb 20 17:03:15 CST 2001

Martin Pilka <mpilka at> writes:

> another way could be have some additional (let's say
> ~/.wine/app-config/1database.txt) file which will contain <regular
> expression> --> <filename> mappings. that way wine have to open (and
> read) only that file, and we're able to do that pretty fast (as i found
> out when worked on registry patch). however, it has to evaluate all the
> reg. expressions at runtime, but that is linear dependency.
> hmm, i don't know now. first letter or an additional file?

This is getting way too complex IMO. I think having everything in the
.wine/config file is much more reasonable; most people don't need that
many different configurations anyway.

What we should do is take advantage of the new config file format to
create a deeper configuration hierarchy. So for instance the default
x11drv config is under the registry key Wine\Config\x11drv, but we
could create subtrees like Wine\Config\AppDefaults\Solitaire\x11drv
which would contain the Solitaire-specific config values. This is then
very fast to lookup, just try AppDefaults\<current module> and if not
found fall back to the current method. I don't think we need regular
expressions at all.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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