Notes and Java test on 20010216 drop

David.Goodenough at David.Goodenough at
Thu Feb 22 17:50:50 CST 2001

Well the situation with Notes has not changed much, except that I now get
lots of err:psdrv:PSDRV_AFMGetCharMetrics: No whitespace found messages.  I
am unclear as to which files this is actually reading, but this is a new
error and the metrics files have not changed.

The Java problem I had with the last drop (the problem with Callout not
being initialised) is still there, so obviously the fix that was generated
and which fixes the problem has not made it into the CVS.

The good news is that now Java works (if the patch is applied).  Now the
fonts display correctly.  I am not sure what you have done guys, but it
works a treat.  Now for some more testing with some of the things I wanted
to run but could not because of the Java support.  Interestingly both the
Sun and the IBM JREs now work, where last month with the fix the Sun one
produced the wrong output but at least ran to completion, while the IBM one
locked up somewhere.  Now both run to completion properly.

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