IBM Websphere Studio

David.Goodenough at David.Goodenough at
Fri Feb 23 13:55:56 CST 2001

Having got Java running properly under Wine 20010216, now I return to the
application that caused me to start looking at Java, Websphere Studio.

I managed to get it to install with a few non-fatal messages, and it
starts.  It is very slow, but my first interest is to get it to work.  It
uses ImmAssociateContext and ImmGetContext, but currently these are stubs,
and so FixMe's happen.  Is anyone working in this area, if so have they
written non-stub versions of these functions, alternatively does anyone
know where the HIMC should be stored, and how I get to it from a HWND and
then I can code them up.

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