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Eric Pouech Eric.Pouech at
Fri Feb 23 14:40:52 CST 2001

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Eric Pouech <Eric.Pouech at> writes:
> > Do you really feel like a C compiler is less common than a perl binary
> > under Windows ? I seriously doubt it...
> Anybody can install a perl binary on their machine, while nearly all
> Windows compilers are commercial software...
I know at least two free compilers... lcc and mingw 
to me the greatest obstable is to maintain the build environments for
all the possible compilers (MSVC, Borland...)

> > there's just one point that worries me. Let me explain how I ended up with
> > XML. one thing I don't like is to have a "reference" file, but I don't
> > know what it refers to. I think the test process should output both the result
> > of the test (pure ASCII is fine) but also the environment of the test
> > (Windows - if so version, even DLLs used... -, vs wine - which version, which
> > DLLs are used, native vs builtin...) so that we could make usefull
> > comparisons
> But none of this information is relevant for unit testing. The only
> information that may be needed is the Windows version, and this only
> for the few APIs that actually behave differently between
> versions. And if you do your test scripts right you don't even need to
> know about it. For instance, instead of doing something like:
>   kernel32->MapViewOfFile(bad params);
>   print kernel32->GetLastError();
> which would print different things on 95 and NT, you'd do:
>   kernel32->MapViewOfFile(bad params);
>   $err = kernel32->GetLastError();
>   if (kernel32->GetVersion() == win95)
>   {
>     print ($err == ERROR_INVALID_ADDRESS) ? "OK" : "failed: $err";
>   }
>   else
>   {
>     print ($err == ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER) ? "OK" : "failed: $err";
>   }
> This way the script always prints the same thing no matter the Windows
> version, and you can use a simple diff against a single reference file.
this is utterly true for low level APIs (like kernel)
however, testing a highler level API will depend on all the others DLL
the tested DLL depends on... and here you may introduce some

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