[PATCH] 16 bits print dialog

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at sloboda.ru
Sun Feb 25 10:18:49 CST 2001

"gerard patel" <gerard.patel at asi.fr> wrote:

> As it's rather unlikely anyone will craft 16 bits specific resources now, I have
> mapped the 32 bits resource into 16 bit ones
> I did not test if 16 bits printing still works, but the print dialog box displays again 
> at least.
> There is also a minor fix to cast the return value for the 16 bits hook to 16 bits.
> ChangeLog:
>     * dlls/commdlg/printdlg.c
>     maps 32 bits resource for 16 bits print dialog.

Gerard, your patch is fine, but I have one tiny comment:
in Win32 hInstance and hModule are the same thing, unlike in Win16.

So, instead of GetModuleHandleA("COMDLG32") you can safely use COMMDLG_hInstance32.

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