undefined symbol: GetPrinterDataA

Ian Pilcher pilcher at concentric.net
Sun Feb 25 12:06:25 CST 2001

lawson_whitney at juno.com wrote:
> Try:
> import winspool
> instead of winspool.drv, and see if that helps.  Just a guess.

Nope.  winebuild complains that it "could not open .so file for

I've uncovered a couple of additional facts which (I hope) may shed some
light on the situation.

I whipped up a quick Winelib program which calls GetPrinterDataA, and it
runs just fine -- using a previous, working, Wine build.

I tried commenting out the calls to GetPrinterDataA, and Wine now
complains that OpenPrinterA is an undefined symbol.

So the problem seems to affect multiple functions in winspool.drv, but
it doesn't affect Winelib programs.

Ian Pilcher                                       pilcher at concentric.net

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