various config files for various applications

Eric Pouech Eric.Pouech at
Mon Feb 26 00:23:08 CST 2001

Martin Pilka wrote:
> Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> > This is getting way too complex IMO. I think having everything in the
> > .wine/config file is much more reasonable; most people don't need that
> > many different configurations anyway.
> >
> > What we should do is take advantage of the new config file format to
> > create a deeper configuration hierarchy. So for instance the default
> > x11drv config is under the registry key Wine\Config\x11drv, but we
> > could create subtrees like Wine\Config\AppDefaults\Solitaire\x11drv
> > which would contain the Solitaire-specific config values. This is then
> > very fast to lookup, just try AppDefaults\<current module> and if not
> > found fall back to the current method. I don't think we need regular
> > expressions at all.
> attached is the patch. i wasn't always sure i'm doing the things in the
> right way, so you guys can have a look before i make the real submit.
> here are some explanations:
> 1) i think we shouldn't access the wine configuration directly through
> registry, but use the PROFILE_ functions instead. in addition - now,
> when we're trying to do some kind of redirection, it's absolutely
> necessary. all the parts with direct access were rewritten.
I don't think we need to export the PROFILE functions... just let the
calling code check the keys under "<appname>/key" if it exists and
then fallback to simply "key" if it doesn't 
> 3) i wasn't able to find out the name of windows application we're just
> executing. that's why i added the win_app_exe_name variable into
> misc/options.c.
GetModuleFileName(NULL, buffer, sizeof(buffer)); should do...


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