undefined symbol: GetPrinterDataA

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at voila.fr
Mon Feb 26 03:23:04 CST 2001

>wineps :
># Generated automatically from Makefile.in by configure.
>TOPSRCDIR = ../..
>TOPOBJDIR = ../..
>SRCDIR    = .
>MODULE    = wineps
>ALTNAMES  = wineps16
>IMPORTS   = user32 gdi32 kernel32 ntdll
in this case, just add winspool.drv to the IMPORT list in the 
Makefile.in, rerun configure, and it should work.
(If Alexandre didn't convert the Makefile.in for dll separation, there 
should be some good reasons... like using non exported symbols... which 
would require much more work)
Eric Pouech 
"The future will be better tomorrow", 
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