undefined symbol: GetPrinterDataA

Ove Kaaven ovehk at ping.uio.no
Mon Feb 26 03:38:15 CST 2001

On Sun, 25 Feb 2001, Ian Pilcher wrote:

> I am trying to modify the Wine PostScript driver to use GetPrinterDataA
> to read configuration information from the registry.  I have added a
> line that reads "import winspool.drv" to wineps.spec, and Wine builds
> with no errors.  When I try to run Wine, however, I get the following
> error:
>     BUILTIN32_dlopen failed to load .so lib for builtin wineps.dll:
>         /usr/lib/wine/libwineps.so: undefined symbol: GetPrinterDataA
> Ideas?

I'm not sure if wineps is completely dll-separated yet. In any case, there
is an IMPORTS = ... line in wineps/Makefile.in that should be added to.

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