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Eric Pouech Eric.Pouech at wanadoo.fr
Mon Feb 26 12:29:27 CST 2001

> Better yet, how can we tell if a dll is separated?
it's separated if it's Makefile.in doesn't contain the IMPORT directive

hence, the list of yet to be separated DLLs is:
erato:~/wine$ grep IMPORTS dlls/*/*.in
dlls/ddraw/Makefile.in:IMPORTS   = user32 x11drv gdi32 kernel32
dlls/dinput/Makefile.in:IMPORTS   = user32 kernel32 ntdll
dlls/gdi/Makefile.in:IMPORTS   = kernel32 ntdll
dlls/kernel/Makefile.in:IMPORTS   = ntdll
dlls/opengl32/Makefile.in:IMPORTS   = x11drv kernel32
dlls/ttydrv/Makefile.in:IMPORTS   = user32 gdi32 kernel32 ntdll
dlls/user/Makefile.in:IMPORTS   = gdi32 kernel32 ntdll
dlls/winedos/Makefile.in:IMPORTS   = user32 kernel32 ntdll
dlls/wineps/Makefile.in:IMPORTS   = user32 gdi32 kernel32 ntdll
dlls/winsock/Makefile.in:IMPORTS   = user32 kernel32 ntdll
dlls/x11drv/Makefile.in:IMPORTS   = user32 gdi32 kernel32

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