winspool.drv initialization problem

Eric Pouech Eric.Pouech at
Mon Feb 26 16:55:22 CST 2001

Ian Pilcher wrote:
> The saga continues!
> I've gotten my modified version of the PostScript driver to load, but it
> seems to causing/exposing another problem.
> WINPROC_GetPtr is being called befor WINPROC_Init during Wine
> initialization.  The call to WINPROC_GetPtr results from a call to
> LoadLibraryExA ("COMCTL32.DLL" ...); here is the stack:
basically, before your patch you had:
winspool.drv and wineps didn't depend on each others
on startup, gdi/gdi32 loads wineps

since you added a dep between wineps and winspool.drv, the later also
gets called while loading wineps, still in the init of gdi/gdi32
however, the WINPROC_Init should be done in the init of user/user32
as user/user32 depends on gdi/gdi32, it's not called until gdi/gdi32
is initialized... you're stuck

solutions may include using delay loading (which only defers when the DLL
is actually loaded)

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