winspool.drv initialization problem

Ian Pilcher pilcher at
Mon Feb 26 11:07:27 CST 2001

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Sounds like importing winspool.drv in wineps creates a circular load
> dependency (user32->gdi32->wineps->winspool->comctl32->user32).  We
> could probably be a bit more clever about loading wineps only when
> really necessary; OTOH there is no reason for winspool.drv to require
> comctl32. Something like this should fix it (completely untested, so
> it's probably broken):

It appears to work, based on my admittedly incomplete test -- starting
Lotus Notes and printing a document.  No more invalid heap error

Any idea when Windows loads printer drivers?

Ian Pilcher                                       pilcher at

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