Microsoft source code releases - a danger to Wine?

Bill Medland medbi01 at
Mon Jul 23 09:39:02 CDT 2001

Ian Pilcher <ian.pilcher at> wrote in article
<3B59F1DE.5010904 at>...
> According to Slashdot, Microsoft has released the Windows CE source code
> under one of their "shared source" licenses.  Needless to say, it would
> be an *extremely* bad idea for anyone associated with the Wine project
> to look at it.

I must admit that as a newcomer to the Wine project I would appreciate a
little guidance on what are and are not valid methods for investigating
Windows sufficiently to work on the Wine project.  This cuts two ways:
1. What methods are accepted as legal for obtaining information and what
methods must not be used (in order to protect Wine)
2. What methods are especially effective and what methods are a waste of
time (in order to improve the learning curve for contributors)

Should there be a section in the Wine Development HQ 

(Or is it already there and I missed it).


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