native dll's

José Soriano Díaz jose__sor at
Wed Jul 25 10:51:28 CDT 2001

        Hi there, I'm working in a telerobotics project and I need to link a
windows dll in order to use a Cybernet Joystick.
        First I tried to use the winAPI functions LoadLibrary,FreeLibrary 
GetProccessAddress as I were working on Windows, and I recompiled my program
with winelib:
                *. winemaker /my_path/
                *. ./configure
                *. make all
        but it didn't create any executable, what I obtained was a lib*.so, 
winemaker thought I was trying to compile a dll, not to use one.
        After that I tried to compile my program without winemaker, and I 
a HEAP_PTR error when executing what I copiled. And If I tried to link the
lib*.so and load the main symbol I obtained the same error.
        So my question is quite siple How can I link a native dll in a Unix
project? I've read somewhere that I have to use a parser, Is there anybody
who can give me some code?

        Thanks for your precious time.

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