Gérard Patel <> Gérard Patel <> at
Fri Jun 1 00:55:28 CDT 2001

At 02:05 PM 31/05/2001 +0200, you wrote:

>Hmm, can you do 'nm file/file.o|grep stat64' and see if we are including
>stat64 there?

   U __lxstat64
   U __xstat64

You did not ask but server/thread.c list also mmap64 :-)

>I have build RPMs for OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4, which is kernel 2.2.14 and
>glibc 2.1.3, and sol.exe still works.
>You can try them from if you want to.

They give the usual result with rpm across distros : missing dependencies
Some are probably just because of different naming for packages, but I also miss
a 'perl-add' module (is it an addition of yours ? I was thinking that perl
was used
to build wine, not install it; it's not listed as prerequisite in the Wine

About the original problem, I searched in another way : get Cvs before the
of 29, compiled, everything was all right, applied only the file64 patch,
and, well,
the problem is here. It could come from me installing badly my home compiled
glibc, but there is a post complaining about the same problem on cemw (as Gael
said, the problem appears even without trying to run any program)

Btw I use gcc 2.95.

I'd thought of trying to fix directly include/config.h to remove 64 bits
to get current cvs to work, but it's too time consuming to compile
everything, I'm
giving up for this night.


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