Can MAPI be directed to sendmail from a Windows app on Wine ?

Steve Ball steve at
Fri Jun 1 06:17:04 CDT 2001

I am running a windows voicemail server under wine and it runs extremely 
well, but I believe there is no MAPI support in Wine, and the voicemail 
server complains that there is no MAPI provider. I would not want to 
install a Windows email client even if I thought I could use MAPI, and 
would much prefer to use sendmail as the MAPI sender.

I don't think it would be difficult to write code that would produce a 
sendmail mail message from a Wine stub, but I cannot find where the MAPI 
support goes and I know very little about MAPI under Windows, since I 
have done very little Windows programming.

Has anyone done this before, or could anyone direct me to the hooks in 
Wine, and preferably some information on how MAPI works in Windows apps.

The Wine project is a fantastic achievement, I hope that I can give 
something back.

Steve Ball

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