AnimateWindow() constants?

Bobby Bingham uhmmmm at uhmmmm.doodle
Fri Jun 1 20:05:20 CDT 2001

I am about to implement the AnimateWindow() function, but I don't have up to 
date windows headers.  I did some trial and error on a win98 box and came up 
with what I think are the correct values, but could somebody check?

AW_SLIDE		0x00040000
AW_ACTIVATE		0x00020000
AW_BLEND		0x00080000
AW_HIDE		0x00010000
AW_CENTER		0x00000010
AW_HOR_POSITIVE	0x00000001
AW_HOR_NEGATIVE	0x00000002
AW_VER_POSITIVE	0x00000004
AW_VER_NEGATIVE	0x00000008

I'm pretty sure about all of them except AW_BLEND because win98 doesn't 
implement it.  Thanks in advance

Bobby Bingham
uhmmmm at

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